We are photographers with a passion for fishing

Anglers Choice is a photography company based in THE NORTH Texas AREA. We specialize in high quality angler photography AND PROVIDE UNPARALLELED PHOTO EDITING SERVICES. We deliver unique images for YOUR competitive FISHING portfolios, cover team fishing TOURNAMENTs, and capture MEANINGFUL family MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME.

With the abilities to provide offshore photos, trail boat photos, and drone photos, we have a solution for ANGLERS OF ALL TYPES!


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 Note from the Captain

I Started fishing with my mom and dad as a kid. My father taught me everything I know about fishing, like how to tie hooks and other important techniques, and has made me the fisherman I am to this day. those moments of waking up at 6:00 am, eating whatever the gas station provided, getting the boat in the water, seeing the sunrise, and My sweet mom, wow. those memories of her out fishing my dad are some I will cherish forever.

The passion I had for fishing as a child still exists today, and I encourage every child to experience this exciting and rewarding activity. I have also found fulfillment in helping capture your meaningful memories with your sons, Your daughters, your father and mother, and any person you call family. I hope to capture those lasting memories so you will always be able to reminisce on great times.

I Look forward to helping you capture these same amazing moments!

- Brian